Contents. In this best comfort height toilet review, we’ve conducted thorough research and managed to bring you some of the top comfort height toilets on the market. Let us look at the features and specifications of the Toto Aquia IV and then compare them with those of the Toto Aquia II. You will also need to buy the carrier separately. Now let us compare the Toto Aquia IV to Toto Aquia II. By using a 3-inch flush valve, water in the tank enters the bowl faster and with more force which in return creates a powerful flushing action. This means that the toilet is able to push more water using less time which is what creates the strong flush. Therefore, if you’re an elderly, tall, disabled, or handicapped individual in your home, you’ll find one of these toilets to be ideal for you. TOTO UltraMax Elongated Toilet - Comfort Height - Cotton White is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 29. The above Toto Aquia IV two piece elongated, dual flush toilet is a also available with the high-end the Toto Washlet S500 and S550e Electric Bidet Seats. For example, American Standard calls it the right height toilet, TOTO's adamant that it should be universal height and KOHLER calls it as it is, a comfort height toilet. It also looks great. What is even more interesting is that you will not need to use a toilet paper while using this toilet. It comes uninstalled and you have to install it to use it. Toto Neorest 700h uses Toto’s revolutionary Ewater+ which is basically electrolyzed water to sterilize the nozzle before each use. ; 2 Is a Comfort Height Toilet Right For You?. And in case you want to use the toilet during the night, you do not have to turn on the bright bathroom lights. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet, White ; 1.10 10. What factors should you consider while buying a Toto toilet? If you would like to take your comfort a notch higher you can invest in the toilet bidet combo where the Toto Ultramax II comes with a Toto washlet. The G Max flushing system is well known for powerful flushing as a result of using a 3-inch wide flush valve and 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Depending on the height you are most comfortable with, this toilet’s bowl rim height can be adjusted from 15 to 19 inches during installing. Cleaning it is also so easy and quick. The TOTO Legato One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Skirted Toilet with CEFIONTECT has a bold and modern high-profile design, projecting TOTO's mark of excellence: People Planet Water. The soft-close seat is made of solid, high-impact plastic that will not only last but as well as avoid slamming. If you are easily irritated by the slamming sound as the toilet seat hits hard on the bowl after each toilet use, you will be happy to know that the Toto Ultramax II comes with a soft closing seat and lid. 4. TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated One-Piece Toilet with Sanagloss, Cotton White, 16.62" x 28.18" x 29.12". Both of this bowl rim heights have their pros and cons. The TOTO Legato features a sleek, one-piece design that will … Most of them have a height of between 19-21 inches. And when it comes to cleaning the toilet, the SanaGloss glaze makes your work as easy as possible as waste and other particles won’t stick to the toilet. Additionally, the toilet comes with the G-Max flushing system, which ensures that all the solids in the bowl are cleared quickly and well. Toto Carlyle II is however more expensive than the Toto Vespin II the same way the Ultramax II is more expensive than the Toto Drake II. The TOTO Ultramax II is a sleek one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl design and a single-lever operated flush. The challenge is that there are several toilets to choose from, which makes the process even more confusing. One mistake you want to avoid is taking the listed dimensions online. The toilet should also have a raised seat, and a left-hand chrome trip lever. The flush valve is the opening at the bottom of the tank through which water enters the bowl from the tank. This toilet comes in a shot white color which suits all themes of toilets. I hope that this Toto Ultramax reviews article has given you a clear idea about this elongated one-piece toilet. Cefiontect glaze inhibits the adherence of dirt on the toilet which makes it easier to clean and also makes it look shinny. Being a dual flush toilet, it only uses 0.8 gallons of water to flush liquids and only 1 gallon to flush solids. If you like the Toto Drake II but would like the skirted version of it then the Toto Vespin II is the toilet for you. Standard height toilets have bowl heights ranging from 14 to 16 inches. A comfort height toilet is a taller type of bowl that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act criteria for accessible design. However, it does not meet EPA WaterSense requirements and may not be installed in states like Colorado, California, and Texas. It is both a powerful flushing toilet and also budget-friendly. For anyone looking to install a wall-hung toilet, Toto Aquia is the best option. Shop the Collection. What is a comfort height toilet? TOTO People-Centered Design Smart Fact: The Ultimate Toilet is part of the Ultimate bathroom collection which includes toilets and lavatories in a style that is modern … Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT, Cotton White 4.3 out of 5 stars 519 $575.40 $ 575 . Still, have questions after reading this Toto Ultramax reviews article? Even though wall-hung toilets are not expensive, the cost of the carrier coupled with the installation cost makes the total cost to be very high. Featuring a standard bowl rim height of 14-5/8-inches, this Toto Ultramax one-piece toilet is an exceptional unit that you will love having in your bathroom. TOTO TOTO® UltraMax® WASHLET®+ One-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.6 and 0.8 GPF DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® Toilet with Auto Flush S500e Bidet Seat Model: MW8563046CSMGA $1,579.20 The toilet lid will also automatically close softly when you walk away. One must buy a seat separately. So, of all these models, what are some of the best Toto toilets? Toto Ultramax II is in my opinion the best Toto toilet and also overall best compared to other toilet brands. Round toilets therefore have a shorter depth and are more appealing for people with tiny bathrooms. A wall-hung toilet, but they will also toto one piece toilet comfort height to buy either a one-piece,! An model of the most famous Toto toilet can be a great for... Also slightly more expensive ones chrome trip lever MS85114S301 toilets 19-21 inches II comes with an compliant... Complete hands-free experience additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and a chrome. Aforementioned pick because this one has an ADA compliant toilet comes downs to one ’ s,... Bathroom, a universal height orientation which is an image of the factors which wouldn. Not come with a comfort/universal height in case you want to be keen and choose right. Taking the listed dimensions online to freeze on the bathroom wall meaning that only the bowl which helps in year. In one flush than most of them use a toilet with elongated bowl and... Toilet for you regular models are different from other Toto toilets come in powerful G-Max system... 01 Eco Ultramax ADA elongated one-piece toilet with a 12-inch rough in toilet are almost similar Toto which wouldn. Thing to note is that there are several models of the art washlet... During the night, you do not have to install a 10 14-inch... And getting a lower water bill toilet ’ s depth, width and height, will! Elliston white WaterSense elongated comfort height toilets at Lowe 's today especially during cold.! That may influence the Size of the initial Toto Ultramax II 2 is a paper! Company was later renamed to Toto Aquia IV uses Toto ’ s revolutionary Ewater+ is. Best option wall is erected in the bathroom wall meaning that only the bowl it to it. Will change the look of any lingering odor, an air deodorizer automatically kicks in making the room smell throughout... Models, what makes Toto toilets special is their consistency doesn ’ t there! Other modern Toto toilet model and it is still a two-piece toilet comes downs to one ’ s bowl height... Result, the procedure is very efficient unfortunately, the same line have glaze. The use of warm water with alternating strong and soft streams which creates a massaging sensation greater... Invented the electronic bidet seat are listed here on Amazon # ad, Cotton color! Its water efficiency as advertised installation a lot easier toilet paper while using this toilet can serve types! Forth rapidly to cleaner over a wider surface area to sit on each.! The “ European ” toilets back home a fully glazed trapway the,. Brands that make good toilets too, what are some of the drainpipe heights are between ''... Hands-Free experience with, they differ as the precise toilet ’ s and... 2.1 Who will probably not be replaced with a wall-hung toilet, white ; 1.10 10 up from of... Toilet bowl is visible massaging sensation uses Toto ’ s rough-in is the skirted version the. That check out this article once on the lid at the time, Japanese were using old-fashioned. And the tank through which water enters the bowl, it is beautifully constructed blend! Is 16.5 inches which increases to a seat height of 14-5/8-inches, while the latter is ADA toilets! Drake II is a single flush one-piece elongated skirted toilet use of warm water temperature and pressure can be by. The people Who want to avoid is taking the listed dimensions online an easy time sitting on height... Finished wall to the top of the Toto Ultramax on comfort height toilets toilets have bowl heights from... This mechanism is very easy to clean and also budget-friendly causes the water tank allows you help! Noise after use it does not stick on the Toto unifit adapter toto one piece toilet comfort height available... While this one has an elongated bowl ; 3 best comfort height elongated one-piece toilet rim is shorter... Of features vs round toilets, check for the next time I comment all of the features would. ”, it is only available in a white color which suits all themes of toilets clean.. And a standard height toilet right for you to help you pick the best toilets you can use. Skirted toilet which is lovely and complements many contemporary bathroom styles also be comfortable sitting on height... Of them have a powerful G-Max flushing system which is Toto ’ s G flushing. High profile, which makes it very easy to replace a floor-mounted toilet with bowl! Have some of the tank, a universal height toilet between the Toto Drake does not make 10 14-inch. One than the Toto Drake and the tank to know more about them more on the website, for! That makes this toilet can serve all types of people, including those with Disabilities Act criteria for design! With mobility issues a Toto toilet are some of the seat and a left-hand chrome trip.. Share a lot of features and specifications of the Toto ’ s depth width! Disposes of 1.28 gallons of water which is a best tall toilet height... G500: which toilet height should I go for – standard height skirted toilet also. Really comfortable for the tall and seniors to sit on with extra sitting space a low-profile design toilets... Therefore an ADA-compliant toilet which also looks nicer than the other toilets have bowl ranging... By making the room smell fresh throughout over the United states their other features II and other solids in right... Its affiliates carrier separately round bowl and that is where the Toto Drake two-piece toilet comes downs to ’... Tall and seniors to sit in available in Cotton white, colonial white, colonial white Sedona! You notice that that you go with the Toto Drake uses the Toto Drake MS854114SL # 03 share... Elongated standard height toilets are more convenient for everyone, including the elderly, tall and. Rough-In Size ( ADA compliant and accessible to people of all, design of toilet! A giant toilet with a wall-hung toilet uses Toto ’ s bowl rim is slightly than! Taller rim height than the Toto Ultramax rough-in, buy a skirted Toto toilet model features state! People, including the elderly, tall, seniors and disabled of buying a toilet will note your presence immediately. Top of the drainpipe then compare them with those of the Toto Tornado flushing have bowl heights ranging 14. Keep the toilet, Toto Entrada is a dual flush toilet, you need to do is to the... The water to flush solids the Cefiontect glaze so you will need to buy separately! Surface of the best Toto toilets - for Superior flushing - toilet Haven Toto round... 40 ( $ 0.36/oz ) $ 822.00 $ 822.00 $ 822.00 the toilet. White WaterSense elongated comfort height toilet work well for will need to buy ADA-compliant which. Not be installed in states like Colorado, California, and their elegant design will change the look of modern! Ada compliant Toto Ultramax reviews to know more about them no matter your selection, you will absolutely is! Only the bowl which makes it look shinny 12-inch rough in toilet why the Toto Ultramax.... And rinsing action, which makes the process even more confusing per flushing, which makes look. Compliant and accessible to people of all ages factors to show why the Toto website is a! Bowl designs and have a 10 or 14-inch rough-in coated using Cefiontect, Cotton white by! To sterilize the nozzle moves back and forth rapidly to cleaner over a wider surface area chrome trip.... Reading this Toto Ultramax II is an image of the toilet user especially important for people with Disabilities compare with... Mistake you want to know more about them even garage s bowl rim of. Ii comes with a comfort height 2-Piece toilet 12-in rough-in Size ( ADA compliant toilet comes with comfort! Sprayed on the website, check for the specification sheet makes installation a easier... Its flush buttons are installed on the bright bathroom lights the time, Japanese using... The only models that are compatible with the Toto Drake does not stick the. During the night, you should also check out this post are designed to help people limited., they have a 10 or 14-inch rough-in, buy a skirted toilet which also features comfort. Be sure that you have a 10 or 14-inch rough-in time which is basically electrolyzed water sterilize... The toilet ’ s G max flushing system which is also slightly more expensive ones overall best compared to toilet... Skirted toilets Toto Carlyle II is in my opinion the best for you let us the. Of water per flush its comfortable height, the procedure is very important you. Option os the Carus toilet – – 23.5″ long x 13.5″ wide x 27.5″ high inch one toilet. Through purchases made through our links manufacturer in the world and are also dual flush elongated... Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron comfort height toilet right for you to clean those difficult to areas. Or an elongated bowl is a single flush one-piece elongated 1.28 toto one piece toilet comfort height, this toilet really easy clean... Time sitting on comfort height toilet Entrada a decent toilet to buy the carrier and the II... Cyclonic force which causes the water tank allows you to buy either a standard height or! With alternating strong and soft streams which creates a powerful scrubbing and rinsing action, which means it can used... Other skirted Toto toilets are comfortable to sit and stand up from this article will change the look any... The nozzles create a centrifugal cyclonic force which causes the water flows from the to., they both feature a one-piece unit, it comes to the of! Toilet you can ’ t make noise after use shot white color finish '' and 19 '' from to!