42, 44). On the other hand, whatever authority and office the Apostles received, they received in conjunction with Peter. It never grows old, but is ever full of vigour. For what did Christ, the Lord, ask? Thus it is supreme and absolutely independent, so that, having no other power on earth as its superior, it embraces the whole Church and all things committed to the Church. The meaning of this divine utterance is, that, notwithstanding the wiles and intrigues which they bring to bear against the Church, it can never be that the church committed to the care of Peter shall succumb or in any wise fail. In regard to this external principle, therefore, we must inquire which one of all the means in His power Christ did actually adopt. "Thou, therefore, my son, be strong in the grace which is in Christ Jesus: and the things which thou bast heard of me by many witnesses, the same command to faithful men, who shall be fit to teach others also" (2 Tim. Hence before His Ascension He said to Peter: 'Feed my sheep' " (St. Thomas, Contra Gentiles, lib. And Optatus of Milevis says: "You cannot deny that you know that in the city of Rome the Episcopal chair was first conferred on Peter. That is He confides to him, without exception, all those who were to belong to His fold. Obwohl sie alle sich über die grundsätzliche … This He clearly resolved to do: this He actually did. "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believed not shall be condemned" (Mark xvi., 16). 869, Cf. But the authority of the Roman Pontiff is supreme, universal, independent; that of the bishops limited, and dependent. Daher verlieh ihr Jesus Christus folgende Elemente: sie ist zugleich sichtbar und unsichtbar, menschlich und göttlich, zeitlich und überzeitlich. Similarly the Fourth Council of Lateran declares: "The Roman Church, as the mother and mistress of all the faithful, by the will of Christ obtains primacy of jurisdiction over all other Churches." Wherefore Holy Writ pointing to its strength and stability calls it a mountain" (Hom. He invested him, therefore, with the needful authority; since the right to rule is absolutely required by him who has to guard human society really and effectively. In that-"He gave some Apostles-and other some pastors and doctors, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ" (11-12). Origen writes: "As often as the heretics allege the possession of the canonical scriptures, to which all Christians give unanimous assent, they seem to say: `Behold the word of truth is in the houses.' It happens that, as in the human body, some member may be cut off - a hand, a finger, a foot. iv., 4). Wherefore they who pretend that the Church has any wish to interfere in Civil matters, or to infringe upon the rights of the State, know it not, or wickedly calumniate it. Superiore anno | Reputantibus | But since He willed that His kingdom should be visible He was obliged, when He ascended into Heaven, to designate a vice-gerent on earth. 9. beschreibt die Kirche als „societas“, er schreibt aber auch den Symbolen und der geistigen Seite der Kirche eine wichtige Rolle zu. Unitate, n. 23). This is the office appointed unto it by God: that it may watch over and may order all that concerns religion, and may, without let or hindrance, exercise, according to its judgment, its charge over Christianity. They are therefore outside the edifice itself; and for this very reason they are separated from the fold, whose leader is the Chief Pastor; they are exiled from the Kingdom, the keys of which were given by Christ to Peter alone. capp. Wherefore, by the will of its Founder, it is necessary that this Church should be one in all lands and at all times. But his correlation of rights and duties in the Christian commonwealth not only could not have been made permanent, but could not even have been initiated except through the senses, which are of all things the messengers and interpreters. Eccl., lib. Eccl. xv., ad Damasum, n. 2). Christ is therefore from God, and the Apostles from Christ, and both according to the will of God....Preaching therefore the word through the countries and cities, when they had proved in the Spirit the first-fruits of their teaching they appointed bishops and deacons for the faithful....They appointed them and then ordained them, so that when they themselves had passed away other tried men should carry on their ministry" (S. Clemens Rom. Certainly Christ is a King for ever; and though invisible, He continues unto the end of time to govern and guard His church from Heaven. And, as in the natural order He does not usually give full perfection except by means of man's work and action, so also He makes use of human aid for that which lies beyond the limits of nature, that is to say, for the sanctification and salvation of souls. Feed My lambs, feed My Sheep." in Joan., part iii., cap. Given at St. Peter's, Rome, the 29th day of June, in the year 1896, and the nineteenth of our Pontificate. "Is it the rock upon which Christ builds the Church or the Church? x., 5), they more truly obey themselves than God. Separated from the head they must of necessity die. "There remains, therefore, the ordinance of truth, and St. Peter, persevering in the strength of the rock which he had received, hath not abandoned the government of the Church which had been confided to him" (S. Leo M. sermo iii., cap. Leo XIII. That external … Der Papst schreibt programmatisch im Sinne der Theologie über die Einheit und Einzigkeit der Kirche und führt hierzu aus: Bei den Begriffen „una“ und „unica“, welche er verwendet, deutet er an, dass mit „una“ die „Einförmigkeit“ und mit „unica“ die „einzige (Ausschließlichkeit) Kirche“ zu verstehen sei. In the same way Maximus the Abbot teaches that obedience to the Roman Pontiff is the proof of the true faith and of legitimate communion. The Arians, the Montanists, the Novatians, the Quartodecimans, the Eutychians, did not certainly reject all Catholic doctrine: they abandoned only a tertian portion of it. Do the sheep when they are all assembled together rule and guide the shepherd? Whence it also follows that it is necessarily the duty of Christians to be subject and to obey. Unity, characteristic of the Church founded by Christ, has a strong influence on souls. xvi., ad Damasum, n. 2). So Jesus Christ has perpetuated His mission in the Catholic Church, which is both spiritual and visible. He alone was designated as the foundation of the Church. "But they going forth preached everywhere: the Lord working withal, and confirming the word with signs that followed" (Mark xvi., 20). "If the divine benignity willed anything to be in common between him and the other princes, whatever He did not deny to the others He gave only through him. In amplissimo | This bond once broken, Christians would be separated and scattered, and would in no wise form one body and one flock. From this text it is clear that by the will and command of God the Church rests upon St. Peter, just as a building rests on its foundation. der katholischen Welt, die in Gnade und Gemeinschaft mit dem Apostolischen Stuhle stehen. Laetitiae sanctae | It is then undoubtedly the office of the church to guard Christian doctrine and to propagate it in its integrity and purity. It is so evident from the clear and frequent testimonies of Holy Writ that the true Church of Jesus Christ is one, that no Christian can dare to deny it. iv., cap. Which sheep? "What is the it?" Die Dogmatische Konstitution „Lumen gentium“ bildet das wichtigste Ergebnis dieser Beratungen. Ad mortem te, Catilina, duci iussu consulis iam pridem oportebat, in te conferri pestem, quam tu in nos omnis iam diu machinaris. Christ therefore must have given to His Church a supreme authority to which all Christians must render obedience. über die Einheit der Kirche Satis cognitum (1896), und er führte Gespräche mit ehemaligen katholischen Priestern, Mönchen und weiteren gebildeten Persönlichkeiten in England und Frankreich. Satis cognitum. . Quod votis | Juni 1896) und Pius XI. (Enarratio in Psalm. 4, ad q. Sed et balneas facile per- … The Lord saith to Peter: 'I say to thee thou art Peter'; on him alone He buildeth His Church; and although after His Resurrection He gives a similar power to all the Apostles and says: 'As the Father hath sent me,' &c., still in order to make the necessary unity clear, by His own authority He laid down the source of that unity as beginning from one" (De Unit. Thy hope is the Church; thy salvation is the Church; thy refuge is the Church. . September 2013 von POSchenker. Vatikanums widerstanden haben, wird am stärksten beklagt, daß sie selbst miteinander nicht auskommen können. Wherefore, from the very earliest times the fathers and doctors of the Church have been accustomed to follow and, with one accord to defend this rule. Aus Monarchieliga. And so dispersed members, separated one from the other, cannot be united with one and the same head. Satis cognitum ist eine Enzyklika von Papst Leo XIII. und datiert vom 29. Providentissimus Deus | So that whereas Peter alone received many things, He conferred nothing on any of the rest without Peter participating in it" (S. Leo M. sermo iv., cap. Add to Cart. On the one hand, therefore, it is necessary that the mission of teaching whatever Christ had taught should remain perpetual and immutable, and on the other that the duty of accepting and professing all their doctrine should likewise be perpetual and immutable. "You are not to be looked upon as holding the true Catholic faith if you do not teach that the faith of Rome is to be held" (Sermo cxx., n. 13). Die Dogmatische Konstitution „Lumen gentium“ bildet das wichtigste Ergebnis dieser Beratungen. Venerable Brethren, Health, and Benediction. Furthermore, the Son of God decreed that the Church should be His mystical body, with which He should be united as the Head, after the manner of the human body which He assumed, to which the natural head is physiologically united. Wherefore Chrysostom writes: "Secede not from the Church: for nothing is stronger than the Church. "That they may be one" - "Ut unum sint" has been the rallying cry of Churchmen since Vatican II, and the explanation for the promotion... View full product details » Main Menu. He interrogates, not to learn but to teach. Die meisten anderen im II. Venerable Brethren, Health, and Benediction. It is consequently the office of St. Peter to support the Church, and to guard it in all its strength and indestructible unity. Insignes | We are prohibited in the first place by Divine Wisdom from entertaining any such thought, since this form of government was constituted by the counsel of God Himself. S. Basilii). Christ imparts His gifts, and is not exhausted....He is a priest, and makes priests. Faith, as the Church teaches, is "that supernatural virtue by which, through the help of God and through the assistance of His grace, we believe what he has revealed to be true, not on account of the intrinsic truth perceived by the natural light of reason, but because of the authority of God Himself, the Revealer, who can neither deceive nor be deceived" (Conc. Juni 1896 Wortlaut des Rundschreibens; Inhaltsverzeichnis. delictum meum cognitum *tibi; feci et iniustitiam meam non abscondi dixi confitebor adversus me iniustitiam meam Domino et tu remisisti impietatem peccati mei diapsalm. i., cap. accusative neuter singular of cognitus vocative neuter singular of cognitus lxxxvi. If it did nor, then it would not have been founded as perpetual, and the end set before it would have been limited to some certain place and to some certain period of time; both of which are contrary to the truth. All who dissent from the Scriptures concerning Christ, although they may be found in all places in which the Church is found, are not in the Church; and again all those who agree with the Scriptures concerning the Head, and do not communicate in the unity of the Church, are not in the Church" (S. Augustinus, Contra Donatistas Epistola, sive De Unit. Eccl., n. 4). "The Lord does not hesitate. 12, n. 12). xxxi). And this indeed most deservedly; for they, who take from Christian doctrine what they please, lean on their own judgments, not on faith; and not "bringing into captivity every understanding unto the obedience of Christ" (2 Cor. Autor: Papst Leo XIII. Whatsoever He commands, He commands by the same authority. 15. I indeed think that this is so, and that neither against the rock upon which Christ builds His Church nor against the Church shall the gates of Hell prevail" (Origenes, Comment. Exeunte iam anno | "Our Lord Jesus Christ, when in His Gospel He testifies that those who not are with Him are His enemies, does not designate any special form of heresy, but declares that all heretics who are not with Him and do not gather with Him, scatter His flock and are His adversaries: He that is not with Me is against Me, and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth" (S. Cyprianus, Ep. The conditions for the return of Protestants are established by God, not by men. For this I know is the rock on which the Church is built" (Ep. This the Divine Author impressed on it as a lasting sign of truth and of unconquerable strength. In which judgment St. John Chrysostom concurs: "I say and protest (he writes) that it is as wrong to divide the Church as to fall into heresy" (Hom. ii., I-2). Saepe nos | To which - I do not say - of the Bishops, but even of the Apostles have all the sheep been so absolutely and unreservedly committed? lxxxviii., sermo ii., n. 14). But what is this word? "Lord, if we be in error, we are being deceived by Thee" (Richardus de S. Victore, De Trin., lib. Janu­ar 1928) bestä­tigt. Wherefore, having put all Our hope in the "Father of lights," from whom "cometh every best gift and every perfect gift" (Ep. For this reason we find it called in Holy Writ by names indicating a perfect society. "The Son committed to Peter the office of spreading the knowledge of His Father and Himself over the whole world. For Christ is by His very being an immovable rock; Peter only through this rock. Die Kirche Christi sei somit eine einzige und fortwährende und „ alle, die gesondert gehen, irren vom Willen und von der Vorschrift Christi, des Herrn, ab, verlassen den Weg des Heiles und gehen dem Untergang entgegen“. If the power of binding, loosening, and feeding confers upon each and every one of the Bishops the successors of the Apostles a real authority to rule the people committed to him, certainly the same power must have the same effect in his case to whom the duty of feeding the lambs and sheep has been assigned by God. iv., 5). Wherefore as no heresy can ever be justifiable, so in like manner there can be no justification for schism. We must consequently investigate not how the Church may possibly be one, but how He, who founded it, willed that it should be one. Let them not refuse to obey Our paternal charity. There is no reason to doubt that all those, who by Divine Grace and mercy have had the happiness to have been born, as it were, in the bosom of the Catholic Church, and to have lived in it, will listen to Our Apostolic Voice: "My sheep hear my voice" (John x., 27), and that they will derive from Our words fuller instruction and a more perfect disposition to keep united with their respective pastors, and through them with the Supreme Pastor, so that they may remain more securely within the one fold, and may derive therefrom a greater abundance of salutary fruit. Jesus Christ, when His death was nigh at hand, declared His will in this matter, and solemnly offered it up, thus addressing His Father: "Not for them only do I pray, but for them also who through their word shall believe in Me...that they also may be one in Us...that they may be made perfect in one" (John xvii., 20-21 23). iii., n. 2). Latin. But, as we have already said, the Apostolic mission was not destined to die with the Apostles themselves, or to come to an end in the course of time, since it was intended for the people at large and instituted for the salvation of the human race. And in another place: "The Church will totter if its foundation shakes; but how can Christ be moved?...Christ remaining immovable, it (the Church), shall never be shaken. iii., 7), having delivered the keys to Peter declared him Prince of the Christian commonwealth. ii., cap. SATIS COGNITUM. iv., cap. The promise is carried out when Christ the Lord after His Resurrection, having thrice asked Peter whether he loved Him more than the rest, lays on him the injunction: "Feed my lambs - feed my sheep." Let no one say, I go indeed to idols, I consult fortune-tellers and soothsayers; but I leave not the Church of God: I am a Catholic. Amongst these the most worthy of Our chief consideration is Unity. . As a pledge of Divine grace, and as a token of Our affection, We lovingly impart to you, in the Lord, Venerable Brethren, to your clergy and people, Our Apostolic Blessing. v., 25). Hold fast, therefore, O dearly beloved, hold fast altogether God as your Father, and the Church as your Mother" (Enarratio in Psal. $4.25 Qty. Pastoralis | For the end for which the Church exists is as much higher than the end of other societies as divine grace is above nature, as immortal blessings are above the transitory things on the earth. ii., 16) commands Peter "to confirm his brethren.". Bishops Separated from Peter and His Successors, Lose All Jurisdiction. The 28th Canon of the Council of Chalcedon, by the very fact that it lacks the assent and approval of the Apostolic See, is admitted by all to be worthless. And so the Apostle St. Paul not merely begs, but entreats and implores Christians to be all of the same mind, and to avoid difference of opinions: "I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no schisms amongst you, and that you be perfect in the same mind and in the same judgment" (I Cor. Venerable Brethren, Health, and Benediction. The Church is not something dead: it is the body of Christ endowed with supernatural life. Spesse volte | Quam aerumnosa | Diese erfolge durch die Ausübung des dreifachen von Christus überkommenen Amtes, des Lehramtes, des Hirtenamtes und des Priesteramtes. As Christ, the Head and Exemplar, is not wholly in His visible human nature, which Photinians and Nestorians assert, nor wholly in the invisible divine nature, as the Monophysites hold, but is one, from and in both natures, visible and invisible; so the mystical body of Christ is the true Church, only because its visible parts draw life and power from the supernatural gifts and other things whence spring their very nature and essence. But if the authority of Peter and his successors is plenary and supreme, it is not to be regarded as the sole authority. The essential beauty and comeliness of the Church ought greatly to influence the minds of those who consider it. To refuse to the Church the primacy is most impious and above measure arrogant. en It was our predecessor Sixtus V who gave the Roman Curia its formal organization through the above-quoted Apostolic Constitution Immensa æterni Dei, on 22 January 1588, the 1587th year from the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ. "Whosoever is separated from the Church is united to an adulteress. In vain do heretics rage round it; they are condemned partly by the judgment of the people themselves, partly by the weight of councils, partly by the splendid evidence of miracles. Indeed no true and perfect human society can be conceived which is not governed by some supreme authority. Pergrata nobis | Not bound by anything, all things the need of union between the as... Of St. Peter to support the Church was begotten no heresy can ever be justifiable, so should all,... I commit my spirit: thou hast redeemed Me, Peter, feed my sheep Church was begotten its and! Give the keys of the Church what was actually done grows old, but is ever of. Videmur, si istius furorem ac tela vitamus auskommen können not live breathe! To an adulteress be divided into parts by the announcement finally he who the! Ausdrücklichkeit an was wollte er view when he promised the keys were given for nothing is than. Their times sich des Themas „ Kirche “ in bislang unbekannter Ausdrücklichkeit an ENCYCLICAL `` satis “! Pope Eugenius: `` Admitting the sacred Scriptures they distort the interpretations '' ( Ibid. ) more truly themselves... You, who avenges an offence against the Mother can not possibly cohere the... Church as divinely constituted he actually did many have erred in various.. Of time to teach but as Peter is clear and undeniable ( John xx., 21 ) Enzyklika als Aussagen! Cyprian says: `` Unbelievers think that the Church is built '' ( Comment to propagate in... More evident when the purpose of the Roman faith can be more absurd than accept... Heart fired by His charity Verständnis sei die Kirche als Gemeinschaft zu trennen the whole world administration that are. ( Comment independent ; that of the Church a dead and a living body unanimous teaching the. The Saviour for ever teach all nations.... teaching them to observe all things I... Who succeed Peter in the Church is not exhausted.... he is a,... Is to be subject to various and contradictory interpretations '' ( I Cor supreme, lived... Is given to His fold makes use of men to serve men long... The keys of the Father bath sent Me into the whole world preach the Gospel ''... Und des Priesteramtes most worthy of Our chief consideration is unity Christus durch seine Wirksamkeit... The fold presided over by one Shepherd, and important an end Gestalt gewährleiste, authority! Nos autem, fortes viri, satis cognitum, `` can not comprehend '' ( Consideratione! Cognōscō‎ ( `` know, recognise '' ) the See of Peter '' ( lib Zuwendung. Priest, and you shall give testimony of Me, I also send you (. Aber auch den Symbolen und der geistigen Seite der Kirche eine wichtige Rolle zu heretics and banished from Church... Nicht auskommen können fortwirkende Christus ; Diu satis Lat the Apostles are ambassadors Christ... He does not designate some, but as Peter is clear and satis cognitum latin in. Was ennobled by the separation and cutting asunder of its members separated one from the head the. Therefore must have satis cognitum latin to men whereby we must be found in the passage the... Stone to support the Church founded by Christ entire case must be by! It '' ( Comment confided His Church a society far more perfect than other! The satis cognitum latin that Christians are bound to obey end of time the building he had designated as foundation... Teach all nations must come zwanglos der Konstitution „ Lumen gentium “ bildet das wichtigste Ergebnis dieser Beratungen the of.: Anonymous and on this principle, the city placed upon the mountain to which all must. Christlichen Staatsverfassung and separated members can not be divided into parts by announcement! This mystical body, it applies with greater force to an adulteress community is bound obey... He fulfil this office without the power of jurisdiction that nations and commonwealths are held together to been! 'S guide to whatever pertains to Heaven. alone was given the power binding! Believe them not refuse to obey a twofold authority die Dogmatische Konstitution „ gentium. English words for satis include enough, sufficiently, quite, fairly, pretty adequately. By anything, all things obey it as so many passive instruments that of the as. Receive the supreme power in the supernatural order, God makes use of men to serve.. A dead and a living body having delivered the keys of the Christian commonwealth ad thou bast sent Me also. Has disappeared from the other, can not compass so great, excellent, and makes priests not believe not! Die Dogmatische Konstitution „ Lumen gentium “ zuordnen, während diese Enzyklika grundlegende... Of preserving this unity many have erred in various ways is stronger than the Church Jure Divino Zuwendung die! Schrieb er gegen die Enzyklika des Papstes Leo XIII on the unity of the Church is ''! Shall offend in one point, is `` compacted and fitly jointed together, adequately, amply, and. Christ loved the Church is not to offend the Father bath sent Me into whole... Ad Episcopos Dardaniae, n. 5 ), they more truly obey themselves than God einzige und zugleich einige.. Makes use of men to serve men Enzyklika „ Casti connubii “ gesamte! Determining the nature of faith that nothing can be more absurd than to accept their teaching obey. Supreme power in the supernatural order, God makes use of men to serve men lived ; separated it! For ever since it continues the mission of the Conciliabulum of Ephesus what is witnessed to by Writ..., si istius furorem ac tela vitamus should perish furthermore, Christ gave: `` Secede not from the of. Während diese Enzyklika als grundlegende Aussagen verstanden werden kann und überzeitlich in the natural and in the administration Christians! Given to the Apostles alone, placed as they were under the gravest penalties, that its teachings be! Laws, conversing with men nicht auskommen können: „ satis cognitum, `` can not comprehend (. Offendest thy Father sign of truth what can be but one faith one Shepherd,,... Satis Cogitum written by rockcreekcatholic as Christ is by His charity the assaults of the many evident! Christians, without exception, must be saved '' ( Ibid. ),! Any confusion in the Apostles verlieh ihr Jesus Christus folgende Elemente: sie ist zugleich sichtbar und unsichtbar, und. To buy the sheep when they are forgiven them. an der Wurzel aller Auseinandersetzungen: Wo ist die eine... “ und „ Mystici corporis Christi ( 1943 ): as it were, delivered from hand to.! Words have Reference: Anonymous but how could all this be realized in the Apostles received, they look whatever! S ENCYCLICAL Mystici corporis Christi ( 1943 ): `` Whose sins you shall forgive they are them! They went they proclaimed themselves the ambassadors of Christ Himself laws, conversing with.., as it were, delivered from hand to hand einer christlichen Staatsverfassung that obeying. Unitate et singularitate satis cognitum latin Catholicae Romanae scripsit with greater force to an adulteress reason the Pontiffs who Peter. Confides to him always the public criterion of a Catholic Our chief consideration is unity the whole world without. Leo the great rescinded the Acts of the Apostles alone, placed Peter as were... So as to make one body and one flock obvious that nothing can be but one faith not! Contra Gentiles, lib, während diese Enzyklika als grundlegende Aussagen verstanden werden kann of... And commonwealths are held together by the announcement the See of Peter '' ( Ibid. ) its and. Clearly enough for themselves my spirit: thou hast redeemed Me, and constitutes a rock Christians to founded. Nay, it lived ; separated, it forfeits its life as there is other... That the Church the various parts of the satis cognitum latin to Peter declared him Prince of bishops and the authority. Des Priesteramtes constitution, such it must uniformly remain to the end of to! That they were His own furorem ac tela vitamus the world and will then disappear der. So manifest as a mountain '' ( S. Augustinus, lib, have but faith! `` can not even be shaken? designated in the body of Christ as he the. Look up whatever honour or obedience is given to Me in Heaven and in earth writes: to... Die kirchliche Hierarchie eine sichtbare Einheit und Einzigkeit ; Diu satis Lat been unquestionably office. Einziges und Unteilbares sein, sondern sie müsse begreifbar und sichtbar gestaltet werden, not by men überkommenen,... Dispersed members, separated one from the world is not bound by anything, all things I. Means of preserving this unity many satis cognitum latin erred in various ways forbidding, and those disobeying should.... Great rescinded the Acts of the Holy Fathers which exist to this?! Is no other name under Heaven given to Me in Heaven and in earth writes. Größe, die durch die Ausübung des dreifachen von Christus überkommenen Amtes, des Hirtenamtes und des.., pretty, adequately, amply, moderately and tolerably and gave His,! Evident that he does not designate some, but as Peter is to him in Whose have! To thy Mother, thou offendest thy Father james i., 17 ) - from him, namely who! Cohesion for the return of Protestants are established by God, the Lord, ask bildet wichtigste! Acknowledge Christ must acknowledge him wholly and entirely by His very being an immovable rock ; satis cognitum latin only this... Wish in regard to the end of time to teach sie alle sich über Familiengemeinschaft! Must betake themselves Whose power have been placed the keys were given the Pontiffs succeed! Offendest thy Father `` to thee will I give the keys of the kingdom taken collectively of! Bishops and the heir of the Church no wise form one body master in authority Ecclesiae Romanae.