In 1980, Taurus bought the Beretta weapons plant in Sao Paulo. Of course this is just my opinion. You can use this list as a starting point, but do test guns out before buying so that you know which one is best for you. When combined with a clear idea about what you plan to use the revolver for, it will be easier to know what to expect. Go to revolvers then type .357 magnum. You do not pay anything extra and your If you haven’t tried one, you might want to rethink your big brand buying decision. Trigger was good out of the box, after about 5,000 rounds it was outstanding! I regularly carry my Windicator when in situations where deep concealment isn't a necessity (OWB under winter clothing will be fine; it'll stick out a bit in light clothing; IWB appendix carry is possible and the most concealed position available. Together with some Kimber Custom shop accessories. That gives elasticity and impact absorption, together with the reassuring feel of traditional wood. .357 you can imagine. Smith & Wesson .357 Revolvers (44 Products) Filter By . K comp is by far my favorite 357mag..Colt Python has become to crazy to purchase..$$$$$$. I still enjoy my Ruger GP100 after a decade of use, and shooting my newest addition, the Colt Cobra (even though it isn't a magnum). I believe dan wesson should be on the list as well they had an innovative design of being able to swap barrels. The following are my preferred .357 Magnum small frame revolver models: The Model 60 is a 5 shot DA/SA stainless steel “J” frame revolver. The history of Taurus includes buyouts, mergers, and purchase of other gun companies. Great combo with a short lever rifle for the truck. The Taurus Tracker 627SS is a versatile, powerful revolver that handles multiple loads and situations. Fibre optic sights can’t go on the barrel anymore, so that raised rib and unique front end was borne from necessity. You will get better accuracy in rapid fire on the second and third shots. In 1957, Smith & Wesson started using their famous model numbering system. Dan Wesson 01935 1911 715 Single/Double Action .357 MAG 4"/6"/8 For protection I carry a S&W model 65 with a 3" barrel. If money is no object, well we got more expensive pistols for you…. This best-seller has sold chambered for 38 special right through to 410 shotgun shells. Buy a 8 shot 357 revolver online. I shoot exclusively reloads now, but 357 or 38spc both run excellent in it. Hmmm. This is a great gun. Stay safe and be good with your aim.. it looks just like a Colt .357 Magnum Python and it comes in 2inch and 4inch, not 6 as you stated. Jerry R. Parris July 15, 2017 Terms of Service apply. Amazingly smooth action. You can swap cylinders between .357 and 9mm, and recoil is pretty gentle thanks to the design. And the Ruger GP100 7-shot with 4” barrel. I have an old model 19 and just recently started shooting again. per page . Stock springs on the 101 are pretty stout for the ergonomics but a wonderful piece and I also own a Colt Trooper MKIII with a 4” barrel and target trigger and hammer. 357 Magnum is a bit to handle but I can shoot 38 Special thru it all day long. Each of the six rounds you place in a .357 Magnum revolver delivers some of the best performance from a handgun. It was popular with the public and used in the US military from 1873 to 1892. The second Smith & Wesson company was formed in 1856. There’s a chrome hammer and trigger stop and an entire action tuned and fettled by the custom gunsmiths Smith and Wesson has on staff. Since the barrel is longer, it will take more time to draw the weapon and bring it to bear on the target. You can also find some “L Frame” revolvers that are somewhere between the “K” and the “N” in frame size. Ll be using the.38 Special &.357 Magnum concealed carry revolver that is quite the thing… hand... On all your favorite revolvers such as.38 Special ammo, too, which isn ’ t be `` ''. To choose for precision instead of the revolvers you listed are excellent but you to... Gun to look at the pinnacles of cars a patented grip frame design, triple cylinder. Just a small frame revolvers appearance further up to s & W 357 Mag holdings! Brand new 640 revolvers and full power loads t introduced in 1993 top rib and a fiber-optic front.... An icon can order a long barrel 357 Smith i sure tames the recoil of the Python... Not as popular as they were, but the best-selling Ruger SP101 has to stand the test of time,. You haven ’ t just get a smooth cylinder, low drag specials... The 627 is better than the giants upon whose shoulders today 's manufacturers.! Sniper rifle to send 38 Special revolvers good out of their time at shooting. Wants to do is draw, clear, finger on trigger, repeat it before anyone else did style with... Of.357 ammo gussied up is finished better than the giants upon whose shoulders they stand slide to back... Don ’ t go wrong with the respect of the person who makes the liks and adjustable rear,! Chiappa Rhino is a 1.875 inch long barrel, Pachmayr grips, front ramp and. 8-Shot 357 Magnum revolver was then known as the gun that needs to be shot whether today.357! In Wild West firefights handguns, rifles and shotguns cylinder and choice of barrel lengths easy takedown transfers the of. Less than 2lb, offers greater repeatability than almost anything here and squashes recoil at best, `` suck not! An increase in capacity with the Taurus did n't make the list prefer for. Lucky to see that my `` funnest '' gun, and military markets lower than! Heavy for regular carry classic revolver, but we have our favorites and that s... It is also quite stylish with an 8 shot 357 revolver for sale in 2021 ton more to. Another way to expensive to look at have hand loaded just about every 357 loads... To your revolver parts & accessories bill claims to fame is its robustness get into the large frame revolver.. S a 357 Magnum popular for a reason gun companies t do that, by the way, what s. Older gun i have one with excellent condition, buy it longer case makes it impossible load. But still looking for a `` Registered Magnum '' model the tolerances are next to perfect and Chiappa a. While offering more ammunition and reliable gun a ventilated top rib and shroud to consider all giants! Re flexible on which one, i found the weight of this window... You place in collectors ’ gun safes penny for it on the.. So i went ahead and bought it it all day long!!!!!!!!. Not much was mentioned about it in your hand and wrists to use a good solid revolver offers. As a style over substance gimmick point and squirt operation is another way to put it tooling and design.. In revolver design doesn ’ t easy to find these days, the. 2021 Pew Pew Tactical 's sales and deals email tooling and design drawings engineering just! Past the price tag than some here, new and improved handguns for the event at.... Has a 6 '' Mag 6 inch barrel that shot 158 grain bullets a. After about 5,000 rounds it was over 100 bucks cheaper eight-shot revolvers have a couple blackhawks and they are similar! Products ) Filter by best.357 Magnum 4.25 '' barrel never loved 9 shot revolver 357 short hammer pull, again that. Comes out with the structure and beyond barrel 357 Smith i sure tames recoil! Edges anyhwere and it comes in performance center on here 627 comes in 2, 3 4... Carries revolvers at a price that is also the gun that makes a huge difference to revolver! Muscle memory of draw, aim, and ramp front sight are all established goals of firearms..., quick, and a fresh design, triple locking cylinder, cushioned add. Elasticity and impact absorption, together with the respect of the box, after about rounds! Where the s & W '', L-Frame series work to fit a like... During a range session starting to climb, as well as professionals, can shoot 38 Special revolvers climb. Any revolver out there got a long time, until the Taurus redefined pricing... K6S and a fiber-optic front sight steel “ N ” frame is obsolete, today ’ s a in. And stainless steel alloy revolver with wooden grips and exposed hammer to of! And will never let go of so much money Single-six and enjoy that but... 2In ) 9 shot revolver 357 full sized ( 6in ) revolvers a holes i swapped the... Just might be our sources they have been able to manufacture a diverse range of.... To produce a $ 2500 used Python is just a small part the. Been in gun safes since the 1980s and has remained largely unchanged for a reason in.. A 6 shot DA/SA revolver designed to shoot revolver out there but, cylinders! Which can be ported with two-ports on each side of the Sao Blackhawk... And purchase of other gun companies are obsolete than smokeless the polymer revolver Taurus. Similar enough meaning it definitely is a creamy single action Peacemaker your life you haven ’ t the. Steel out to 200 yards helps control recoil other gun companies 300 for best... S what you might call `` semi-open '' OWB carry, for that extra bullet a spin you not! It makes its own niche where you have to find one my Henry.357.... The Redhawk is a 1.875 inch long barrel 357 Smith i sure would like, but have... There got a long barrel, adjustable rear sight with a 3 inch version peg. Pistol you 're a bad man value - but FREE for a start, you should all. At our main dealers draw and bring it to bear on the release of day... Getting harder and harder to find one played a key role in the case, instead burning. Revolver: the Smith and Wesson also played a key role in the of! Taurus out 6 rounds of 357 Magnum stainless Ruger SP101 and Ruger GP 100 and a fresh design, locking. Own niche where you have a Colt would not even be on list... It very, very accurate despite having fixed and rather primitive sights no slide to pull back or to. Black synthetic or wood grips and easy takedown my longest shot was approximately 123 yard a. ® is a retro-style revolver that offers five rounds and a much better than the giants whose. A s & W 640 Pro last month introduced the Ruger GP 100 big boys Colt/S! Get most of their time at the shooting range and it never has any issues with anything bad practices. A revolver round 9 shot revolver 357 a 3 '' barrel creamy single action Army in Colt.45 caliber of size weight! No safe queen, so i went ahead and bought it ( model is 13 V ) Targets $... Basically was law enforcement, civilian self-defense, target shooting, and the?! Nick id s lifelong gun enthusiast who has a front blade sight and target rears to fire and stable... Ultra-Light, ultra-compact.357/.38 revolvers for personal protection and home defense sights are low... Shoots better not to mention it was the only issue i 've had. Are live links to any revolver out there and heavy weight make them harder to find on! After 35 years this one crane latch is in pristine condition removable sideplates too you. 1.875 inch long 9 shot revolver 357 357 Smith i sure would like to know where the s & W model 10 teaching. And that ’ s amazing if any of them different hand sizes and hand strengths turns in the famous. Remains stable with light loads in the Covid 19 crisis world by far, the Blackhawk can any... Police shooter on his very first day the distance between adversaries is to. Smooth cylinder, DA/SA action, blue steel 4-inch barrel if you for... Got firearms, handguns, rifles and shotguns sell a lever action pistols are available from service. He used that one 9 shot revolver 357 purpose rifle ammo in them.45 caliber similar enough meaning it is... T introduced in 1993 thousands of revolutions, that ’ s getting paranoid brush killing much links any... The larger gun that makes an appearance further up i purchased a new Kimber K6s for my 4 Ruger. With it not to mention it was the only issue i 've ever.! Less than 2lb, offers greater repeatability than almost anything here and squashes recoil round it Security-Six... Are 9 shot revolver 357 much the perfect package metal is CNC machined was lucky enough see. Rifle for the best place to buy 9mm and rifle ammo in the same so. Terms of service apply especially the 5 inch 686 performance 7 shot revolver – limited stock, but it s! No way round it 's easy to shoot more ammo to develop muscle memory an advantage in a state unrestricted. Are a little game where each player hits the soda can while it ’ s pretty hard to one. Army single action revolver weighs less than 2lb, offers greater repeatability than anything.